Structure by Arik Levy

March 2012

Inbani, in collaboration with renowned designer Arik Levy, presents its new collection Structure.
With this new collection, Inbani still shows its philosophy of providing comfort and aesthetic value to the bathroom space, through design and quality.
The peculiarity of this collection is that it consists of some elements of storage standards and measures that are closed by a structure which form together the storage space for towels and accessories, creates a generous appearance throughout the piece and gives a high presence to the cabinet.
In addition, the designer has other possibilities by creating accessories such as stools, mirrors, towel racks, etc.. That expand the possibilities of combination Shopping in our bathroom space.

Structure wins the Design Plus Award 2011

ISH grants the award Design Plus to products that combine technology and innovation in the design selected by a qualified juror that they value the quality, the materials, the useful value, technical and ecological quality and the general concept.




Catalogue Structure.pdf

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